Friday, August 10, 2007

World of Warcraft Arena Team

I freely admit that I probably take video games more seriously than a person should. I enjoy competitive video games for the most part.

Not much in World of Warcraft makes me enjoy the game, but I finally feel like my arena team is starting to click. We achieved a rating of 1809 last night, which puts us solidly in the top handful of arena teams on Horde side on my server. It's also a pretty respectable rating, considering we are in Battlegroup 9 ("Bloodlust"), which is arguably the toughest battlegroup in the world. Battlegroup 9 is home of the most famous and arguably best arena team ("Team Pandemic") and it happens to be where a lot of top players from other battlegroups have been transferring to compete, which definitely makes it a lot more competitive.

Anyways... yay! We are hopefully on our way to making a dent in the arena system and representing Kilrogg well. Gogo PVE servers!

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