Thursday, November 22, 2007

My First World Of Warcraft Add-On

I saw a PVP video of a shaman where he had some mod spamming his party's chat with all the debuffs he purged. I thought that that was a good idea, so I tried to see if there was something like that for priests. I couldn't find anything, so I decided to make something for priests. Priests in arena have some of the most important jobs in dispelling, since priests are the only class that can remove paladin bubbles and mage ice blocks and can dispel offensively and defensively.

I made DispelReporter to fill this niche. It started off as a brain dead simple mod that would shoot out a raid warning whenever some key PVP buffs were dispelled (e.g. paladin bubble, mage ice block, etc). However, oddly, the first few comments made on my mod were from hunters who wanted various things supporting their arcane shot dispels. So my add-on mutated into having configurable options so people could have it function the way they wanted. Then another hunter asked to have it report dispels to another mod called Scrolling Combat Text. So I quickly released a third version that supported optional output to SCT.

Not bad. 3 versions in less than 24 hours after I first started working on it. There might be more versions to come if there is continued interest in it. It's sometimes funny how things turn out, though. My priest mod seems to be popular with hunters. Heh.

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