Friday, May 2, 2008

Why Am I Nervous?

Tomorrow, I'm going to have lunch with a couple of old friends. For some weird reason, though, I feel really nervous about it. It's almost as if I'm afraid of what might happen. I've been on kind of uncertain ground in recent years with one of them. She and I used to be much closer, but we've kind of gone our separate ways in recent years.

I guess I always feel like she's going to judge me or freak out about something I say. I guess it's just worse in light of my recent dispute with one of our mutual friends. It always seems like the people who freak out the most about others being judgmental are the most judgmental themselves. It's quite irritating, to be honest.

My tolerance for that sort of thing has been destroyed in recent months. Maybe I'm nervous that I'll get upset? Maybe I'm nervous that our friendship might no longer be there? Maybe I'm just nervous because I don't know what to expect?

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