Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Hate Moving

Tomorrow, I'm gonna start the gradual move to my friend's apartment in Redondo Beach to shorten my commute to my new job in Santa Monica. Change will be good for me.

Hopefully, Luxoflux (part of Activision) will be a good place to work and traffic will not be as brutal as I've heard. My current plan is to at least partially move to my friend's place so I can stay there for a while and then if the commute is not too bad, I can stay there for the longer term. If the commute is too painful, then I will just move somewhere closer to Santa Monica and pay a lot more. I'll try to make the final decision quickly so I can just move furniture straight from my old place down here in Orange County straight to the right place with less wasted moving.

I'm gonna miss my roommate from down here (and her kitty of course).

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