Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asian-American President Of The United States?

A friend and I were talking some random politics when he joked that I should run for president. Age issue aside, I told him that I didn't think America was ready for an Asian-American president yet.

Currently, the highest ranking Asian-American in the U.S. government, in terms of presidential succession order, currently is Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke at tenth.

Prior to Obama's election, we had already seen the highly respected Colin Powell at Secretary of State, or fourth. Additionally, Obama had tons of circumstances helping make him electable: his amazing charisma, the general dissatisfaction for the current state of the economy created by his predecessor, as well as a very weak opposing ticket (i.e. a fairly respectable, old man who somehow managed to choose a bimbo to be next in line to succeed him).

An Asian-American presidential candidate will need something along the lines of those factors to stand a chance.

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