Friday, September 11, 2009


My 30th birthday is coming to an end. This year was actually a pretty good birthday.

I went to work as normal. However, one of my best friends sent me this big bunch of balloons to my company declaring me to be "over the hill" etc. This led to a bunch of folks from work wishing me happy birthday and asking me how old I was turning so they could decide how over the hill I really was. Most of them are older than I am, so they decided I wasn't quite over the hill yet.

My roommate also gave the the cool Beatles Rock Band game since he's an absolute Beatles nut and I'm a fan of theirs. We ended up playing the Beatles Rock Band game (despite it being my company's rival's game) and had a lot of fun with it.

This stuff generally made me realize that I've been kind of unnecessarily grumpy about my birthday for a while. 2000 was a really bad year for me when my sister passed away. Then 2001 brought the World Trade Center attacks on my birthday. This set this deep impression on my brain that my birthday was not something to be happy about. This eventually became a habit, but this year has felt a good deal better.

So hopefully this is a good start for my 30s!

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