Sunday, June 16, 2013

12 Years of Automotive Technology

Back in 2001, I graduated from college, so I needed to buy a car to start working.  I was very interested in getting a Toyota Prius because it was a cool new hybrid, but there was a waiting list to get them, so I ended up getting the Camry.  I drove my reliable old Camry for twelve years, until this year.

This time, the Prius was still my first choice when I started car shopping, but a bit of research and test driving convinced me to get the Toyota Camry Hybrid instead.  The Prius is a great car, but the Camry Hybrid really just feels a lot more polished.  It's got a lot more power, but less fuel efficiency.  It's very quiet and smooth, so I keep describing it to people as "a spaceship."

So far I'm averaging over forty miles per gallon without any problems and enjoying the power climbing through Sepulveda pass on my way to work.  It's amazing how much the driving experience has improved in twelve years since I bought my last car.

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