Monday, October 29, 2007

Instant Oatmeal vs Real Oatmeal

My roommate had a couple of packets of instant oatmeal that she didn't want to eat, so I said I'd eat them. I usually eat real oatmeal most morning, so I figured I'd just eat instant oatmeal a couple of days instead.

Instant oatmeal is disgusting compared to real oatmeal. I'm not clear on what they do to it to make it instant. In its dry form it looks like regular oatmeal that's more powdery. Well, whatever they do to it makes it have this weird taste that's kind of hard to describe. Real oatmeal has just a hint of that taste but the warm taste of oats dominates it. Instant oatmeal completely lacks the taste of oats.

So yeah, blech to instant oatmeal. Take the time to make real oatmeal instead and you may find that you like oatmeal more than you did before.

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