Sunday, November 23, 2008

Personal Space

I feel like my roommate likes to stick his nose in my business a little too much sometimes. He happened to come to my room to show me some computer stuff and noticed I was writing that previous post so made a comment about how he didn't know I had a blog. It's really not any of his business if I have a blog or not. If I wanted him to know I had a blog, I would have told him about it. I would have thought that was pretty obvious.

I don't particularly like knowing if or who reads what I write. I have too much of a tendency to be cautious about how people I know will react, which completely defeats the purpose of having a place to write freely.

He promised to respect my privacy, so I hope he does. Otherwise, this blog will die. I used to have other blogs or websites where too many people I knew were aware of it. Eventually, I felt too constrained to write there anymore for fear of hurting people's feelings or just plain revealing things to everybody I know. My dad still has my old webpage from college bookmarked on his computer... as if I've written anything on that page in like 7 years.

I still hate blogs just because of how people develop this strange obsession with them. Either the writer starts developing expectations that certain people will read the blog, or the readers start expecting certain things of the writer. I'd rather this blog be a place where I can write or not write and it doesn't matter. I also don't want readers to have some sort of expectations of me.

I'm contemplating writing on this awesome site called everything2 instead of writing here. It's a mind boggling concept for a site. Every piece of writing is a node and nodes contain links to other related nodes. The network of nodes actually learns what's relevant and good based on how people visit and move among the nodes. That's about the coolest way to organize a large quantity of writing I've ever heard of. It's rather intimidating, so I'm probably going to explore the site for a while before attempting to contribute anything meaningful.

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