Thursday, March 26, 2009

NFL Player Kept From Being With His Dying Mother-in-law By Police Officer

When I heard this story about Ryan Moats being kept from being with his dying mother-in-law by a Dallas police officer named Robert Powell my initial reaction was outrage. It's pretty outrageous that this man missed his mother-in-law's dying moments for a pretty stupid traffic violation.

However, besides my emotional response, I have to admit that Powell was correct in giving Moats a ticket. I just wish he'd admit that he was a huge asshole for taking so long to do it when there was clearly something serious going on. Moats handled the situation about as well as I could expect.

If he apologized for his actions, I might be able to see him as human. As is, he was clearly putting being an asshole above being a human, so he will remain an asshole for now.

Everyone should be a human first in all things.

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