Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WOW: Battlegroup 9 Server PVP Strength Levels

Battlegroup 9 has some strong teams on many servers, but one way to gauge the overall strength of each server is to look at the overall ranking of the 20th strongest 5v5 team on each server. The numbers you see are pretty good at telling the story of the overall skill of that server.

Tichondrius (PVP): 33
Blackrock (PVP): 108
Kil'jaeden (PVP): 211
Ner'zhul (PVP): 326
Frostwolf (PVP): 358
Barthilas (PVP): 372
Frostmourne (PVP): 478
Thaurissan (PVE): 647
Kilrogg (PVE): 795
Proudmoore (PVE): 1060
Khaz'goroth (PVE): 1510
Vek'Nilash (PVE): 1529
Silver Hand (RP): 1551
Dath'Remar (PVE): 1725
Sen'jin (PVE): 1725
Aman'thul (PVE): 1801
Nagrand (PVE): 2153
Caelastrasz (PVE): 3065

Note that every single PVP server is above every single non PVP server. No surprise there. Tichondrius is also clearly a tier above all the other PVP servers.

At least as far as PVE servers go, my server (Kilrogg) is the second strongest by this metric.

Also, to be fair, Caelastrasz and Nagrand are very new servers so I'm sure their pool of players with the gear to compete is very small.

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